Bob Garver, the mastermind behind numerous coffee ventures, is a man of many passions. He is known for his dedication to quality and sustainability, especially when it comes to sourcing and production. This encompasses all of his business related decisions. Although he has been seen as a coffee drinker for the past 30 years, he has always had a love and appreciation for tea. 

Wanting to dive in deeper, in 2016 he took a trip to China. All it took was one tea garden. He was amazed at how meticulously everything was processed and how many parallels existed to the coffee world he knew so much about. Similarly to coffee, there were many hands involved from crop to cup. 

Upon his return he started researching and drinking as many different teas as he possibly could. Wanting to share this new love with everyone around him, Wicked Leaf sprouted. We aim to produce high-quality organic certified teas sourced from long-lasting partnerships with farmers around the world. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and empowering our partner farmers to do the same.